Before after photos filler

The photos below show patients before and after a filler treatment (called hyaluronic acid). The after photos are usually taken immediately after the treatment.

See the results for yourself

For all filler treatments, photos are taken for documentation purposes during the consultation. On the one hand, this is for planning purposes and on the other hand for illustration purposes for patients. These treatments are contour-shaping treatments. The change is clearly visible immediately after the procedure, but will “work” somewhat within the first 3 months. The inserted hyaluronic acid remains in the tissue for approx. 6-12 months before it is broken down by the body.

Here you will find a small selection of photos of patients of different age groups and different anatomical variations.

What you can expect after a filler treatment

In the photos selected above you can see the results after a filler treatment. Depending on the region, different substances are used to build up the missing volume. Roughly speaking, softer fillers are used for e.g. lips or superficial areas of harder fillers for deep regions. We will discuss these substances with you during the consultation and adapt them to your individual needs.

The final result can be assessed after about 6-12 months, when the newly formed tissue becomes visible. We always make sure that the surrounding areas are also treated in order to keep the transition and thus the appearance as natural as possible!