About me

Dedicating your life to medicine is not a spontaneous decision. From an early age, you feel an inner desire to help, heal and improve. But of course this decision is also made easier by events, experiences and, above all, role models.

My great role model is my father. A passionate surgeon with a lifelong ambition to help patients with his great surgical skills. Striving for perfection and discipline was a matter of course for him. Even after 24 years as chief surgeon, his love and passion for surgery continues to drive him to be there for his patients. Even though I don’t specialize in gastrointestinal surgery, I pursue the same goals and am grateful to be able to practice this profession.

Why plastic surgery?

I opted for plastic surgery right at the beginning of my studies. I was fascinated from the very beginning by the idea of restoring something that, due to accidents, illnesses or deformities, does not correspond to a functioning and, above all, aesthetic overall appearance.

Due to its versatility, only plastic surgery offers this possibility. Over the years, I have developed a sound understanding of anatomy and an aesthetic appearance.

Despite my focus on plastic surgery, it was important to me during my training to gain sufficient experience at all surgical levels so as not to be too limited surgically.

My main focus

Roughly speaking, body contouring has become my main focus. This particularly includes autologous fat transplants for breast augmentation as well as body shaping procedures such as tightening and liposuction. These operations make it possible to achieve harmonious results in a natural way. I will not offer you artificiality, exaggerated proportions or unrealistic trends.

The extremely positive feedback from my patients confirms that I have made the right choice.

Why do you come to me?

I focus on body contouring procedures such as liposuction, lifting and breast surgery. However, I offer the entire range of aesthetic surgery.

Reconstructive procedures after breast cancer using breast reconstruction with autologous tissue or implants are my focus at the Department of Gynecology at the Medical University of Vienna.

Why Vienna?

Every Viennese knows the answer to this question. Vienna is a beautiful and international city that also offers the advantages of a cozy village. I fell in love with this city during my studies at the Medical University of Vienna and decided to return with enough professional experience to settle down here. There are few cities in Europe where you can enjoy both a big city feeling and nature within a few minutes. In addition, with its nearby airport, Vienna offers many of our international patients the opportunity to enjoy the city for a few days while having a procedure carried out.

Why Passau?

I started my professional training in Passau a good 10 years ago. The foundation stone of my surgical career was laid here. I have been back since 2020 and support the Ästhetik und Gesundheit im Stadtturm practice with my focus on body contouring and autologous fat grafting. Here we offer the entire spectrum of aesthetic surgery. Even though my professional and private life is centered in Vienna, I find the time to travel to Passau every two weeks.