Costs for cosmetic surgery and services

The pricing is individual and is made up of several components such as operating room rental, materials/instruments, personnel, anesthesia and surgical fees.

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Composition of the costs

The costs vary depending on the procedure and duration of the operation. There is a minimum price for all treatments which is listed in the table below.

Factors that can significantly influence the prices are e.g. deviating starting positions in patients who have previously undergone surgery (e.g. corrective surgery or rescue operations) or major anatomical deviations. If several different operations are planned, fixed costs (operating room rental or materials/instruments, personnel) can be used more efficiently and the total price can be reduced as a result.

The prices below are therefore variable and will be discussed and explained in detail during the initial consultation. You will receive a cost estimate which is valid for 12 months for the corresponding services. The first appointment is €140 and will be credited to you when the operation is performed.

The total amount can be paid by bank transfer before the operation or by cash/card on the day of the operation. In general, there is the possibility of financing with monthly contributions from €140.


from € 6.000,-

Autologous fat

from € 1.500,-


from € 3.500,-

Breast augmentation with autologous fat

from € 5.000,-

Breast augmentation with silicone

from € 7.000,-

Breast lift

from € 6.000,-

Breast reduction

from € 6.000,-

Coolsculpting Elite

from € 500,-

Eyelid lift

from € 2.000,-


from € 400,-


from € 5.000,-

Hair thickening

from € 300,-


from € 3.00,-


from € 3.500,-


from € 250,-


from € 800,-

Muscle relaxant

from € 300,-

Penis thickening

from € 3.200,-

Thigh lift

from € 4.500,-

Upper arm lift

from € 3.500,-