Labiacorretion can have aesthetic and functional indications

Physical discomfort can have many causes. Everyone can understand the parts of our body that are visible in daily life, such as the chest, face or abdomen. However, many people suffer greatly from anatomical variations of the outer genital area.

Intimate surgery for men and women

Both men and women are affected. In the meantime, the self-image of an externally appealing genital area goes beyond care and pubic hair. Just as with all other areas of the body, we strive here for symmetry and appropriate proportions.

Intimate surgery for women

The anatomy is almost never symmetrical, this applies to both the breast and the labia. 20% to 30% of women suffer from “unsightly variations” of nature as far as the genital area is concerned. These variations are versatile: the labia minora can seem too “huge” and the labia majora too “small”. This not only changes the external appearance but can also be very painful during sports or sexual intercourse. Those affected often avoid any intimate contact due to fear, which can often lead to social withdrawal.

There is a surgical possibility to create the shabby proportions by a small correction within the framework of an outpatient operation.

Intimate surgery for men

What for many years was treated as a taboo subject has fortunately become less frowned upon in recent years. Many men are dissatisfied with the diameter of their penis. In the “women’s world” it is normal to talk about breast augmentation, but the gendering process took a little more time with penis enlargement. This procedure is relatively straightforward and can be carried out by means of a fat grafting as part of an ambulatory procedure.

What happens during the consultation?

At the first visit, I will measure you, examine you and take photos of you. We will discuss your medical history and your desire for surgery in the genital area in detail. You can tell me your ideas and wishes but also possible worries and concerns. I will be happy to provide you with comprehensive information on the subject of intimate surgery and answer your questions.

What’s the next step?

If you are interested in a surgery in the genital area, you can make an appointment for a consultation at any time. This can be done by telephone or online.

60 min

Pain level

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after 7 days

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after 3 weeks

from € 2.000,-

Personal consultation

If you decide to undergo surgery it is important that you are well informed. Even if surgery is a frequently routine in my office I am aware that my patients might undergo surgery only once a lifetime. I will inform you in detail about necessary precautions before your planned surgery and all pros and cons. You will have the possibility to see before and after pictures similar procedures to let you know what to expect. During the examination and documentation you can communicate your ideas and wishes so we can find a perfect solution.

Frequently asked questions

What are the complications of labiaplasty?

This is a “relatively” small procedure with a low risk of complications. Scarring or resection (removal) of too little skin may occur. However, there are surgical techniques that can be used to correct this.

Is a labiaplasty painful?

During the operation you will be given sedation and painkillers and will not feel any pain. After the operation, light painkillers are sufficient for the first few days. Wounds in the genital area heal quickly and after a few days you can be happy about the result.

Should I wait for my menstruation before having surgery?

In principle, there is nothing to be said against it, but experience shows that women feel more comfortable before and after this operation if they wait for their period.

When is sexual intercourse again possible?

As long as the wounds are not completely healed I strongly advise against it. Severe friction can cause the wounds to open up again or lead to infections.

Is a penis enlargment with autologous fat painful?

No, the fat grafting is carried out around the entire penis shaft. Care is taken not to apply too much pressure, as this would not only be painful but would also damage the patient’s autologous fat. Slight pain in the area of the donor site manifests itself like a small muscle ache.

When is sexual intercourse after a penis enlargement again possible?

Autologous fat is living fat which needs some rest especially in the first 2-4 weeks. From the 4-6 week sexual intercourse is again possible.

Will I have many big scars?

No, the scars are limited to 2 scars of a few millimetres on the penis and in the area of the donor site.

Is the effect of penis enlargement permanent?

The transplanted autologous fat never heals 100%! Within the first 3 months your body will break down some of the fat and the rest will remain permanently.

How much "extra fat" do I need for penis enlargement?

For a penis enlargement a small amount of fat is sufficient, which can be easily removed from the abdomen or thighs.